Avvisi: Week of August 21

Welcome to Esab! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have new folks here, helping keep things stable.  My team really appreciates it.

  1. We’ve fixed that problem that had eliminated the introduction materials.  They’re available again, in the Map of Esab, via the Narrow Gate.  Please do go through that sequence before you tackle other quests in the various areas of the city.
  2. This is the place you should check each class to ensure you keep up with announcements (and other goodies).  They’ll be posted here in the Avvisi, because the Gamemaster really doesn’t like shouting across the room at everyone.  Speaking of the GM, he has something to share with you.
  3. New => A friend just shared this amazing interactive resume with me.  It’s for an award winning coder/designer who lives in New York City.  Worth checking out for inspiration.


Weekly Codex Entry

  1. A self-assessment
    (more about this next week)
  2. Summary
    Briefly state what you learned this week; 1-3 sentences
  3. Imagery
    One video, picture, screen-capture, etc. of what you described (in #2)
  4. Goal reflection
    Look back at your goal for the week, note whether you achieved it or not, then discuss why
  5. Goal
    Set a new goal for next week.  Challenge yourself, but be realistic. Be specific.

GM emerges from the shadows.  A few words here, before I disappear into the background again.  Your grade in this class will depend largely on getting into the programming and recording what you do.  Without the record, it will be hard to show that your self-evaluation is accurate.

How you’ll do that is to write at least one entry in your Codex each week.  Your entry must contain the items listed.

That’s it.  From that weekly Codex post will come the majority of your grades for the year.  We’ll have occasional conversations about your self-assessments.  You’ll also have several chances to check how you’re doing via special timed challenges.

40 Key computer science concepts in plain language

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.40.56 PMIf you feel a bit overwhelmed with the terminology of Computer Science, here’s a great resource to help.  They’ve taken 40 common-to-computer-science but commonly mis-understood concepts, sorted them into six categories, and explained them using examples, analogies, pictures, and plain language.  This may be a great resource to save and refer to later, too, as you start running into these terms throughout this course.

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