[ I stopped teaching Introduction to Computer Science in 2017, so this website hasn’t been updated since then.  You’re welcome to look around!  If you have questions, please send an email to loremasterrellim at ]

Gnimmargorp is a place, a game, and a class.  In the physical world, it is a course called “Introduction to Programming.”  During this course, we learn the fundamental skills of computer science, including algorithm use and development, critical analysis, data representation, base numbering systems, functions, troubleshooting, and much more.

In the game of Gnimmargorp, players take the roles of new spell casters who have volunteered to help with the major troubles in the land.  They arrive and immediately start on quests designed to get them involved and engaged as quickly as possible.  As they learn and then demonstrate their skills, they are given increasingly complex tasks.

Within the game, Gnimmargorp is a country beset by problems.  The city of Esab serves as the capital and is the major center of population in Gnimmargorp.  There are many other villages, but none approach the scale and scope of Esab, due to the influence of The Machine.  It allowed this one city to grow far beyond the standard of the rest of the realm.  Unfortunately, there seem to be serious problems with it of late.

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