Avvisi for week of Nov 27th

Self-reflection for December 1st.

If you’re interested in computer science as a career, you might be intrigued by this report, which looks at careers in computer science.  It has descriptions, growth rates, and examples.  My favorite part is that many of the careers are in other fields, with computer science as a supplement.  It’s a field that covers many, many fields.

Boss challenge is coming up, and you’ll want to be ready for it.  Be sure to set up your login for codingbat and try out a few of the Warmup problems (they’re pretty easy) until you’re comfortable with the interface.

Avvisi for the week of Nov 13th

Self-reflection from November 10th is now overdue (no credits nor XP), but you can still get a grade for it, if you submit your self-reflection by this Thursday.


If building website programming, or working with “Big” data, or databases are intriguing to you, there is a great little course that a colleague of mine just released.  It teaches the basics of SQL, a mini-language that allows you to get data from and send data to databases.  It’s the main way any website today interacts with and stores information, including Gnimmargorp (all our quests, store items, player data, etc are stored in a database and we use SQL to work with it).

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