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In the Librarium you will find our wealth of resources to help you in finding quests, spellcasting, and navigation.

Reference Shelf – Python

  • Buckys’ Room
    Great if you prefer to learn through videos.  Has videos on programming in Python, from beginner to intermediate.
    A full course of interactive tutorials on programming in Python (and many other languages).  Starts at the absolute beginning and ends as you reach intermediate.
  • Invent with Python
    An online book that teaches python through programming games.  Beginner level, with emphasis on computer science concepts.
  • Making games with python and pygame
    By the same author as Invent with Python, this is the sequel, in which you use the pygame framework to build graphical games.  Intermediate level.
  • ThinkPython
    An online and paper book on programming in Python.  A good source for learning to think like a computer scientist.  Beginner through intermediate concepts.
  • Official Tutorial
    The online reference for Python
    A great practice tool with interactive programming challenges for Python and Java.  Small, focused practice on specific skills.
  • From Zero to Hero with Python
    Another video tutorial on Python, recommended by Azir.

Obscure References

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