High School CTF (Capture the flag) competition coming up

The HSCTF, or High School Capture the Flag, is coming up in May.  If you liked Bebras, or EasyCTF, or if the Secrets and Tsin quests are intriguing, you might like the HSCTF, too.  You can check out the details now, practice problems will be released in April, and the competition will begin in May.  They’ve already posted sample problem on the front page of the website.

If several of you are interested, they are offering Skype sessions to orient and prepare groups to participate; we could organize a chat with them (though the timezones might pose a logistics problem).


You should investigate this oneScreen Shot 2016-02-22 at 21.27.46 on your own time – it’s not really for class time.  But I thought you’d like many of the jokes on this page.  If you don’t get some, you may not yet have run across the programming or the language scenario that makes that joke funny.  Come back in a few years or when you have more experience (bookmark this page so you can!) and it’ll probably be funnier.

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