!Last class before the final project or boss challenge.  If you have any questions about how it will work on Tues and Thurs, now is the time to ask, so you can use all your time in class for work.

!Reminder if you have damage on your account when grades are posted, you’ll max at a B+.  Be sure to clear up any damage before the final project is finished to ensure a clean record so your maximum is as high as possible.

If you haven’t read through the two options you have for your final, please scroll back three weeks to the Avvisis for April 30th and read through the two descriptions.  Knowing in advance which you’ll prefer and being ready to hit the ground running will definitely improve your final mark.

Apologies for the way last week’s Avvisi looked.  I apparently saved a draft copy instead of the final, formatted version, but didn’t go back to check it until I was getting ready to write this week’s Avvisi.  Oops.

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