Ehrumph.  Welcome to my Emporium, Visitor.  With what might I interest you, honored code speller?

Keep in mind that all sales are final. No refunds and absolutely no whining. The management does reserve the right to revoke purchases if necessary.  Be sure before clicking the “buy” button, Visitor.

I suppose I should mention that you’ll want to save loot in order to purchase your passages; it’s the only (ahem…reliable) way to get from place to place in Gnimmargorp.  

But of course, I and my brother merchants have many tempting baubles and goodies! Feel free to spend as much gold as you have; I won’t object.

Take a look around…

Repair Shop

Nearly everyone receives Damage at some point.

Damage in multiples of 2 will reduce your loot by 10% (rounded down).  Eg: 4 Damage will nerf your loot by 20%.

Important: you are expected to repair all damage before the end of each grading period.  At that point Damage may (and probably will) affect your grade.


You earn credits via quests (and the effort those require).  Work hard and follow the Honor Code and you’ll earn plenty of loot.  If not, well…

Choose wisely.


These may get you into hidden parts of Esab, Cigol, or otherwhere in Gnimmargorp.  Or not…you never can tell.


Nothing here is essential to the game nor our class.  They’re just fun, or useful.

Buffs – only with a Loremaster’s instruction

Have a suggestion?

If you've thought of a good or service I could offer, please send me the details. If I decide to offer it, you are welcome to one as a free sample, or a reward of 50-100XP, depending on your preference, my whim, and how valuable your suggestion. And, of course...ehrump...and not inconsiderable: my thanks.
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