Hashem’s Guide to Learning Swift

by | Mar 12, 2017 |

Welcome to Hashem’s Guide to Learning Swift!

I hope this message finds you well. Before you begin your quest to learning the ultimate coding language Swift, let me give you a brief introduction about myself.

First and foremost, I am Hashem. Yes, yes, I’m quite amazing I know. Anyways, I was (or still might be – depending on when you read this) taking the Intro to Computer Science course just like you. And I had a dream. My dream was to do something different. My dream, – okay enough with the Martin Luther stuff. My goal from the very beginning was to create a groundbreaking Application. And the first step to making an App is learning how to code it. So, I chose to learn Swift. I chose Swift because it is created by Apple, and was supposed to be a simple and straightforward language, and as you will learn, it is.

Throughout my studies, I created a Playground (something on XCode, which you should download) and stored all the important information I learned so I could get back to it at any given time. It is recommended that you have some basic experience with any other coding language (Python is very similar to Swift), however it is not a must. You will definitely be able to understand my guide without any prior knowledge.

Without futher ado, good luck!

PS: I strongly advise you to get a picture with me soon, because when I get famous it will be worth A LOT… Also, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to find me.


Here is a link to the starters guide (First Playground) for Swift beginners. Expect the next ones soon..

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