Catching fire

Frec V. Frec_byRuacharl

Let me push you to explore a bit.

Sometimes we don't know what we're capable of until we try.  Similarly, we don't know the possibilites of a tool until we try it out a bit.

Build yourself a small project in the Machine and try out all of the tools in the Looks blocks.  See what they do.  Think about how you could use them.  Be sure to include the show/hide and go-to-front/go-back-x-layers pairs.

When you've worked through all of them, you're ready to Complete this quest.


Gratz, Visitor.

Now I'd like you to write about how you might use 3 of these.  You can consider pairs (like show/hide) as a single set; they're usually more useful that way.  Explain what you imagine you could use them for by giving examples of projects in which you would need them.

Write it up on the Codex, copy the URL to that post here, then claim it.

Very well.  Now it's time to choose another quest.