Dragon of Ssalg Mountain (Boss Battle 1)

rh_black_dragon_webThere is a dragon on Ssalg mountain.  It's been bothering the villagers, making off with sheep and goats, and causing no end of trouble.

You would become the hero of the vale if you'd go deal with it for us.

  1. Go to and sign in using your account.
  2. Head up Ssalg mountain and do a few of the warmups to be sure you understand the system and spell coding requirements to fight the dragon.

When you're ready, start your challenge.  When have 10 green checkmarks (not including Warmups) you may Complete this quest.

If you already chose to complete a recursion challenge question, congratulations! You may claim mastery right away.

Otherwise, head back to the challenges and complete one of the recursion challenges.  Remember, Mastery is optional.  You don't have to do this step!

Remember, you may use Google if you're stuck.  However, to avoid spoilers, add "-python -code" to your search term.  This will help you understand the problem, without giving you hints that would take away from your feeling of fiero when you beat the dragon.

Recursion is one of the superpowers of computational thinking.  When you get recursion, you have a really powerful tool in your belt.  So don't take shortcuts!


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