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So you want a chance to really stretch?

For this quest, you define what you want to do!  Because you're out in front of pack, you have the flexibility to define your path yourself for a while.  We call it "Grow on your own;" it's your chance to give yourself a good stretch.

Choose a project you would like to work on that you estimate will take 2-3 hours (3-4 classes).  This should be something you can't already complete on your own; you should need to research, practice, or experiment to figure out how to complete this project.  It's a stretch, got it?  Write a Codex entry explaining what you're going to do, including how you plan to research/practice/learn.

Once you've done it, hit the Complete button.

If you have something bigger in mind, choose a GOYO-Large quest, instead.  Likewise, if you start this project and discover it's taking more than 3-4 classes, switch to a GOYO-Large quest.   If you start it and get it done within two classes or less, switch down to a GOYO-Small quest instead.

Now that you've built it, the loot will come, with a couple things more:

  1. Document the experience on your codex.  Reflect on a couple (or more) of these questions.  You don't have to write on all of these, but this reflection needs to be a substantial one, to mirror the substantial effort you put into creating it.
    1. What are/were your feelings about this project?
    2. What did you like or learn about this project?  (positive or not)
    3. Will this project change your work or life in any way?  How?
    4. How will you use this project in your life?  Who might you share this with?
  2. Link what you did. To get any credit for this work, you have to show where you learned and what you did. 
    1. Every resource, tool, video, etc. that you used during this project
    2. Your end result - the code, program, or other product

Once you've built it and documented it, let Loremaster Rellim know about it.  Remember: built it + documentation + links = loot.

Gratz, Visitor!  This is the best form of learning: autonomy + mastery + reflection.  You are using the power tools of education.

You can come back and run this one again when you're out on the front edge and have an idea about what you want to learn next.  You may not do this twice in a row, though; either do some standard quests, a LOYO, or find something else to do before you come back to another GOYO.

If you're repeating this quest:

Click the repeat button after you've completed the work of doing and documenting this quest.  You're not clicking to indicate that you want to repeat, rather you're indicating that you already have built and documented (including the links!) again and are ready to claim the reward.

Think before you click.  Warning, unjustified clicking will likely earn you a pot-o-hurt.

Great work, Visitor!  Creativity and autonomy at their finest really help us grow in ways we couldn't even imagine a few years ago.

Remember, you may repeat this quest up to 5 times, but only in-between other quests.  So head off to more adventures elsewhere and I'll see you here again, I hope.

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