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Srenreb T. Srenreb_byRucharl

Looking for something to do?

How about define what you want to learn.  Since you are a strong player, you now have the responsibility to define your own next learning goal.  The Loremasters call this "Learn on your own."

Pick a subject, technique, or tool in which you are interested that you estimate will take 30 minutes or less to learn.  This should be something you do not already know about (so you can learn).

After you have completed the research,  hit the Complete button.

If you have something bigger in mind, choose a LOYO-Medium or LOYO-Large quest, instead.  Likewise, if you start this project and discover it is taking more than 30 minutes, switch to a LOYO-Medium quest.

With the research completed, you have some writing to do:

  1. Document your learning on your blog:
    1. What did you learn about?
    2. With whom or where did you learn it?
    3. Why did you want to learn this?
  2. Link what you did. To get any credit for this work, you have to show where you learned and what you did.  Every resource, tool, video, etc. that you used to learn should be linked and briefly summarized.

Once you have researched and documented it (with links), let Loremaster Rellim know about it.  Remember:
research it + documentation + links = loot.  

Do not click Master without a Loremaster's approval. We will need to see your documentation and the links before you will receive approval to master this quest.  Inappropriately clicking Master in this quest may earn you a quick visit from Repaer, and you do not want that, I am sure.

Congratulations, Visitor.

You may return and take this quest again up to 5 times.  You may not do this quest twice in a row, though.  You must do another type of quest before returning.

If you're repeating this quest:

Click the repeat button after you have completed the work of doing and documenting this quest.  You're not clicking to indicate that you want to repeat, rather you're indicating that you once again have done research and documented it, with links, and have approval from a Loremaster to claim the reward.

Nice, Visitor!

Remember, you may repeat this quest up to 5 times, but only in-between other quests.

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