Moving past amazing

Yoj B. Yoj_byRucharl

More small steps,  Be sure you completed Amazing Movement before jumping into the Machine for this one.

Starting with the maze you created for the Amazing Movement, create another maze with more than one level.  When the sprite reaches the yellow star, put a new maze on the Stage, creating another round with the sprite starting where they left off.

To do this, you'll need to:

  1. Track when the sprit touches the yellow star
  2. Change the background[/simple tooltip]

You'll need to create your own maze for the second and any subsequent levels.


Visitor, you're definitely taking some serious steps.

If you'd like another interesting challenge, trade mazes (not projects) with another team member who took this quest.  Each of you program a solution for the others' maze, using your own sprite.  Who has the shortest solution in terms of blocks used?  Whose solution takes the least amount of time?  Is one better than the other, and why?  Write a blog post with your answers.  Be sure to link it back to this quest.

Smooth steps, Visitor!