Playing games

FREC V Frec_byRuacharl

Here's a more challenging task, in the Factories.  Care to assist?

In the Factories there is plenty for adults to do; it's the kids that we struggle to manage.  Their parents are always busy and they'd like to have their young ones cared for.

One way we manage time for the young are entertainment spells.  We are in real need of new entertainment. We've found that interaction keeps attention better than simply watching, so we'd like you to create a small game for the kiddos to play.

Over in The Machine, build a game in which you show an example of the shape/animal/whatever that the player has to click in order to proceed (Hint).  Then show various kids of shapes/animals/whatevers until the player clicks on one (you might want to prompt the player to click at the beginning, so they know what to do).  Keep the game running until the player chooses to quit (you can come up with your own way to signal that).

When it's ready, post the URL here.

Thanks, Visitor, that'll definitely help keep their attention.  For mastery credit, expand your game so there are increasing levels of difficulty the longer the game is played.  For example, target items to click on could move around (slowly enough for the player to click them, though, and remember, these are kids), target items could be partially hidden in the scene, the example of what to click could be displayed for an increasingly shorter and shorter time, and so on.

When you've got that made, write a post in your Codex and put a link to your revised game in it.  Where else in your courses might it be useful to build a simple version of something the first time around and the come back to add complexity after the initial framework is built?  (This is called iteration.  It's one of the superpowers of coding.)

Way to go, Visitor.  That's showing your super-coding-powers.