Stretching C (tier 2)

Yoj B Yoj_byRucharl

OK I got that channel issues sorted.  Now, let's start getting creative, shall we?

I want to stretch your creative muscles!  Choose one of these 3 project to build in the Machine.  Once you're done, email the link, as always, to

  1. Tour of your space.  Build a spell in the Machine that will show you a map of your space (your bedroom, your campus, your neighborhood, whatever space you want to choose).  As the viewer chooses various things on the map, it should tell/show/explain what they are.  You might also throw in a surprise or two, just to make it fun (not required, just if you want).
  2. Interacting characters.  Have 3 or more characters walking around the stage in the Machine.  When they touch, have them talk to each other.  They could be friendly...or not.  There are kids around, so keep it fairly clean, ok?  You might also throw in some different interaction if the viewer clicks them,  or even more if the viewer moves them around (not required, just if you want).
  3. Propose your own.  If neither of these sounds interesting, write up a blog post describing the project you'd rather do.  It must include some sort of conditions (testing whether or not something is happening or has happened).  Otherwise, this is wide open.  Have the gamemaster approve it and you're off and running.

This may sound overwhelming, so I've got a few hints collected if you want them.  You might want to challenge yourself to see how much you can do without them, first, though!

Gratz.  That surely stretched your creativity a bit.  Hopefully it also gave you a good chance to start getting into the guts of the Machine and begin seeing how it really works.  Now, you need to start showing your Mastery.  Here's how that'll work:

Showing Mastery

(We've been having trouble with the Machine showing videos lately, so in case that doesn't work, here's a link directly to the video. You'll have to come back here by yourself when you're done, sorry.)

Gratz twice.  Now you're definitely getting your spell on!  If you decided to do any of the optional portions of the quest, see the gamemaster (Mr. Miller) and show him for a bit of a bonus.

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