Taking turns

SRENREB T. Srenreb_byRucharl

Walking in a straight line is important; so is taking turns.  Let's work on turning your sprites.

Small Steps - turning on a path

Jump over to the Machine and build yourself a small project that includes at least a couple of sprites.

  • Each one needs to walk on a specific path, which includes at least three turns.
  • One should make 90 degree turns, the other should make non-right-angle turns.
  • Make sure the sprites look reasonable as they turn.  (Sprites that turn upside down or otherwise look unnatural need to be adjusted.)
  • The sprites must not run into each other (though they may come close).
  • Bonus if you build in a mini-story so it's interesting, not just a learning exercise.

Mabrook, Visitor.  You're getting the hang of this.

Did you learn anything about yourself during this quest?  Learn anything about the way you learn?  Find any new resources?  Claim some extra loot by documenting it in the Codex. Be sure to include a screenshot and remember to link back to this quest.

Not bad, but don't get too excited.  There are lots of other quests in this pod that need to be finished!

If you built in a small storyline for the bonus, here's where you claim your extra loot.

Yoj would be proud.  Nice creativity stretch.

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