TurtlPies and TurtlFowers

Effid_by_8dfineartHi, I'm Effid - we've worked together before, right?

I think you already know about turtles and you've done some work with them.  If not, you prob'ly should go back and do that first, 'cause this isn't easy if you didn't do that work already.

OK, now we have fun. I want you to use your functions to build...TurtlPies!  Write up a function that takes a number of sides for the pie. In it, use your other functions to draw a TurlePie with the given number of sides.  A TurltPie looks like this:

Got it?


Now for even more fun!  Draw some TurtlFlowers.  Build a function that takes a number of petals (best limit it to at least 3, or 5 as a minimum).  Then draw a flower with that number of petals.  This one really needs all the other functions you wrote to be accurate, so if you want to double-check them against a professional spell coder's examples, you can.

Oh, and a TurtlFlower looks like this:

If you really want a challenge, add a second parameter to your function that is a yes/no option.  If it's yes, draw a second flower inside the first flower, with the same number of petals.  This is optional, but if you do it, you'll earn an extra 50XP and 1 honor.

TurtlFlowerEither way, whether you add the extra challenge or not, send your finished code over to Loremaster Drofrethur in an email.

Nice work.  Keep exploring! There's always more to find around just about any corner around here.