Welcome to Esab

Reppoh G. Reppoh_byRucharl

I'm sure things are a bit confusing at the moment, but our team will help sort it out.  Click accept and we can go into a few details.

First of all, thanks for volunteering to come and help.  We definitely need the assistance!  Before we can get you into the thick of it, we need to get you oriented and get your kit fitted out.  I'll help with a few parts of that.  My name is Reppoh G.  I'm one of the guardians of Esab, such as we are.  The city (Esab) is in a mess right now.  It's about all my team and I can do to keep things from coming apart at the seams.  That's where we need your help.  While we keep things together, we need you to dig in and figure out what's really wrong.

But that'll come later.  Right now, we need to get you into the Codex and on the Machine so you have the tools you'll need.  First step is to open your Codex and set up your record.  You should have received a message from Loremaster Rellim with your Codex credentials.  (If not, head back to see him first.)

  1. Log in to the Codex
  2. Open settings (on the left side of your screen) -> General
  3. Set the "Site Title" to your avatar name
  4. Set the "Tag line" to whatever you want (that's reasonable and polite, please)
  5. Check that the email address is the one you want, or change it if not
  6. Make sure the timezone is UTC+2 and the week starts on Sunday
  7. Save

When you've done that, hit the Complete button.

Mabrook!  Step one is done.  Head over to see Yoj B. for step 2; I have other folks I have to take care of.

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